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Tips for Managing Anxiety if You Live with Psoriatic Arthritis

by Nyucel Wellness on August 02, 2021

Anxiety is a common condition among people nowadays. 

Managing mental health conditions like Anxiety may worsen the symptoms of the disease and increase pain.

Below are some tips that can help you manage the anxiety: 

    Psoriatic Arthritis can be painful, especially in your tendons, muscles and scaly skin patches. People with arthritis who experience high levels of pain are more likely to have anxiety and depression. That makes it worse.
    Developing a solution for pain management with your doctor can come with the solution to reducing anxiety.
    Relaxation techniques help you to manage symptoms of anxiety. You might consider trying progressive muscle relaxation, meditating, or practising anxiety-relieving breathing exercises. Simply moderating your inhales and exhales may prove to be an effective coping strategy.
  • GET A PET:
    Interacting with animals can reduce anxiety. You can consider a dog, cat or any other animal companion. If full-time pet guardianship isn’t right for you at the moment, you might also consider volunteering at an animal shelter or pet-sitting in your neighbourhood.
    Sleep deprivation can be a worse symptom of anxiety. Getting good quality sleep on daily basis can be one way to feel much better. Aim to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day and do the same even on the weekends. Turn your bedroom into a peaceful environment that promotes sleep.
    Not only caffeine but alcohol also make it harder to get quality sleep. Limit these substances or consider eliminating them altogether to see if your anxiety improves. Pay attention to your diet and focus on your balanced diet.
    Some people consider alternative therapies to manage their anxiety-like Yoga, Meditation. There is some evidence that Yoga can have a positive impact on anxiety.
    Having the right specialist team can help you coordinate your treatment and ensure all your symptoms and related conditions are being addressed in an effective way.

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