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How to wash thin hair

by Nyucel Wellness on September 19, 2021
How to wash thin hair

The proper hair wash routine depends on the types of hair you possess. To know how to wash your hair the best way, you must understand your hair type and its specific needs. That's the reason why we are here sharing with you what defines thin hair, how to wash your thin hair properly, and which is the best shampoo for your thin hair.

What is thin hair?

Before we dive into how to wash thin hair properly, it's important to understand whether you have thin hair or not. People often mix with thin hair and fine hair, but they are not certainly the same. The difference is that thin hair refers to having fewer strands, whereas fine hair refers to the density of each strand. Even if you have fine hair, your hair density may be good enough, but each strand is slim. If you have thin hair, you are likely to have lesser hair volume and might notice mild baldness at your crown.

Can you wash thin hair daily?

You have often heard that it is terrible to wash your hair daily. However, our expert team has agreed that if you wash your hair with mild/ gentle herbal Nyuhayr shampoos every alternate day, then there is no harm.

How to wash thin hair?

Thin hair often means oily hair. Because of this, you should avoid creamy and chemical shampoos. Particularly, when you have thin hair, there are specific techniques and products to treat your strands gently. Here are the tips:

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Not just all shampoos and conditions are fit for thin hair. For example, the best shampoos for curly hair may not be the best shampoos for thin hair. You will have to check the formula and the particular shampoo it is made up of, which help to strengthen up your strands, reduce hair fall, and boost volume.

Try Nyuhayr Keratin shampoo and Nyuhayr Apple cider shampoo, which are formulated to reduce hair fall, giving your hair strength and volume while remaining gentle on your mane.

Wash as usual

Start your cleansing routine by washing your hair thoroughly with plain water before you break out your shampoo. Once your hair is thoroughly soaked, you may apply shampoo gently messaging your scalp with your fingertips. If you are using Nyuhayr shampoos, wait for three to five minutes and then rinse properly to move on to the next step. If you feel that extra oil, you may follow the same process a second time.

Apply conditioner

Pick up a herbal conditioner that coordinates with your shampoo, making your hair smooth onto the lengths and ends of your hair. Make sure not to apply too much to make your hair look limp. And be sure not to apply your conditioner straight to your scalp. Most conditioners should be left for two to three minutes before you rinse. Finally, remember to wash your hair thoroughly and not leave behind any residue.

Dry your hair

Since wet hair becomes fragile, be gentle while drying. For example, instead of using a bath towel, you can soak up your hair with a soft, cotton T-shirt or a microfiber hair towel, which will be gentle on your scalp and thin strands.

Choose a thin hair-friendly style

Using color and other chemical sprays and heat treatment will make an adverse impact on your hair. Let's be clear. Being born with thick supermodel hair may afford you more options, but that doesn't mean thin hair can't style their hair. Beauty is all about optical illusions. Just like the right lipstick can make your lips look fuller or the right foundation gives you a perfect look, the right haircut and style can transform your overall look.

Some haircuts may include:

  • Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut
  • Deep side part
  • Pixie with bangs
  • Layer cut
  • Step cut
Washing with gentle herbal Nyuhayr shampoos marked for volume, however, are good bets. The product is clear and made up of natural ingredients, preventing extra hair loss, providing you strength, shine, and volume.